Is it even for real?

Acura Integra Type R costs are getting ludicrous. The vehicle is completely brilliant, yet the most recent one to sell on Bring a Trailer went for a cool $82,000. You could almost certainly get two old Acura NSXs in normal condition at a comparable cost as the single Integra Type R. In any case, hello, no one at any point said the estimation of autos seemed well and good.

For what reason did this specific Type R arrive at unmatched statures at that point? A couple of reasons are clear. It's a one-owner, 6,000-mile, unique 1997 ITR (which is usually short for the Integra Type R). We're still rather surprised and somewhat sad since the first purchaser just oversaw 6,000 miles over the around 22 years of ownership, yet the new buyer could fix that rapidly. On the other hand, this could be an absolute theoretical purchase, helping vigorously in the last gavel price. Hold up a couple of months to a year, and the estimation of this intact Type R could go up by another $10,000, or more if you don't include miles. It was just a year back to the date that we wrote in close stun about a Type R with even fewer miles (1,200) going for $63,800 at Barrett-Jackson. This vehicle destroys that record straight away.

Starting at now, there's no end in sight to the expanding costs of these now-somewhat ancient hot Hondas. Another clean Acura Integra Type R is recorded on Bring a Trailer at this moment, and the offer is now up to $34,567 with four days left. That vehicle has 19,000 miles on it and is purportedly being offered by the vehicle's second purchasers, who got it two years back. A Honda CRX Si lately went for $33,600 on a similar website. The NSX's worth jump hit hard a couple of years prior, however, now its successors are emulating its case once more.

Will there come a day when an Integra Type R hits the six-digit mark? Because of current circumstances, it's not hard to imagine. In case you want a familiarity with what the Type R offers, without the eye-watering makeup, take a close look at the Integra GS-R. That trim is an incredible advancement in performance over a base Integra, and a couple of simple mods gets it near the Type R from a performance point of view. You won't have the cache and boasting rights that accompany the R, however, you additionally won't be hesitant to put miles on it because of a paranoid of destroying the vehicle's worth.