FCA recently declared that the Fiat 500 hatchback and convertible get the US-market hatchet after this year, not by any means 10 years after the vehicle reintroduced us to the Fiat marque.

We've been seeing smashed 500s in enormous American wrecking yards throughout recent years, however, now some non-crunched models are appearing on our junkyard ventures. We concluded that we'd celebrate the rise and fall of the 500 by capturing this Giallo 2012 500 Pop, found in Denver.

As indicated by an industry individual who wishes to stay unknown, Fiat was lacking in automatic-equipped 500s for 2012 (the primary model year of North American deals), so a couple of hundred of the early Pop-trim-level vehicles got yellow or red paint and these dark stripes and badging to enable them to get off the showroom floors regardless of their sales-killing third pedals. Before long, the Fiat 500 Stinger showed up.

We don't have a clue why anybody wouldn't have favored this vehicle with the manual transmission, yet reality directs that little economy autos with three pedals can't be sell basically, once they get a few miles on the clock. This 500 has somebody harm (that may have occurred after it got to the junkyard) however, looks truly perfect generally speaking.

Sold new in Colorado, will be squashed in Colorado seven years after.

The Multi-Air four-banger in the '12 500 produced 101 horsepower, which wasn't much for a 2,500-pound vehicle (by 21st-century measures). For driving purposes, however, it was fine, and the 5-speed made it sensibly fun.

Pop was the cheapest trim level for the 2012 500, so the inside didn't offer much snazzy past the body-hued dash panels.

Since these vehicles have turned out to be so cheap, it's an ideal opportunity to consider the most insane per-dollar junkyard motor swaps for them. Think a narrow-angle turbocharged V6 would be suitable in a 500?