Last week, we saw another 2017 Ford GT '66 Heritage Edition sell for $1.54 million at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas, which is a reasonable piece more than the last one of those to sell openly. Monterey Car Week had a basically flawless of the '66 Heritage Edition sell for just $1.05 million with Bonhams. The Bonhams vehicle had 120 miles on the odometer, while this most recent Barrett-Jackson GT had just 30 miles.

The $1.54 million auction result is relatively the most significant value of a GT we've seen. John Cena's notorious GT just came at $1.4 million in its numerous transactions, and another disputable Mecum deal saw a GT go for $1.65 million. The most noteworthy transaction price of all came by means of a philanthropy auction that was really endorsed by Ford. That auction saw a GT Heritage Edition (unique in relation to the '66 Heritage Edition) go for an incredible $2.5 million. Except if there's another GT philanthropy auction, we don't anticipate that anybody should top that number. That GT was sold before any of the others were legitimately permitted to be, so it gathered even more attention.

RM Sotheby's is one of the other auction houses that had a 2017 Ford GT go under its roof during Monterey Car Week, selling for a good $1.24 million. This was a regular, orange GT with only 400 miles on it. Currently that we're past the energy of Pebble Beach and Monterey, it'll be captivating to watch GT values through the span of the following year. With the latest GT pretty much tripling in worth, we wouldn't be amazed to see considerably more people try things out. It merits referencing that the more drawn out people hold on to sell them, the more GTs will free up on the used market. Starting at now they're still somewhat rare out there, yet we'll before long check whether fundamental supply-and-demand rules apply to Ford's supercar.