They're not many chances you drive a Subaru that is rarer than most Ferraris or Lamborghinis. Furthermore, in its humble way, the 2019 Subaru STI S209 is as unique as such limited-editions contributions from highfalutin' brands.

Subaru considered utilizing its 2.0-liter turbo, however, went with an adjusted models of the 2.5-liter EJ25 utilized in the WRX STI Type RA, since the bigger-displacement engine implied less turbo slack.

There's no regular plastic cover, so the radiantly uncovered motor displays an upgraded intake with a cone-shaped air channel and amplified pipes. An enlarged turbocharger is intended to STI specs by the respected after-sales manufacture HKS, which lifts the Type RA's lift from 16.2 to 18.9 psi. A cat-back exhaust system further lower back pressure by 17 percent relative to the Type RA, and 50 percent versus a fundamental STI. The S209's subsequent 341 horses and 330 pound-feet of torque rather than 310 hp and 290 pound-feet in the 2019 WRX STI.

Subaru refers to a 4.9-second squirt to 60 mph and a 13.3-second quarter mile. Buyers need to observe quicker occasions, in reality, giving that Subaru records company speeding up keeps running with over 350 pounds of included weight board, to impersonate a human traveler and other extra cargo. The top speed is a robust 162 mph.

Bulging fenders widen the Subie by 1.7 inches, accounting for more extensive wheels and tires. New front canards and side spoilers in charge of airflow, while functional fender outlets help cool the motor compartment. A hardened internal hood channel better resist deflection at speed and guides 6.3 percent more air to the turbo intercooler. A carbon rooftop board spares 8 pounds and brings down the center of gravity by 2 mm. Yet, the police-baiting calling card is a carbon-fiber, GT racing-style wing – it changes physically more than two positions – that can make as much as 42 pounds of downforce at 75 mph. The S209 is a genuinely husky monster at 3,485 pounds, around 90 more than Subaru's past Type RA, due fundamentally to the bigger turbo and wheels.

Subaru says the S209's guiding yaw reaction is 15% superior to even the Type RA, itself a veritable waterbug of a car. A modern, adaptable front pinnacle bar improves cornering and straight-line stability. Another damped draw stiffener again preloads the rear suspension for quicker directing reaction and improved cornering force. There's another rear subframe support and round suspension joints that boost the tire contact patch by around 20 percent under duress. Bilstein dampers, stiffer in pressure however gentler in rebound versus the Type RA, mate with 10-mm lowering springs.

Last but not least, Brembo brakes, consist of six-cylinder, silver-painted front calipers, include elite brake pads that diminish blur by 30 percent, at some expense included noise and brake dust. They're worth it, despite all the trouble. Those brakes are surrounded by produced 19-inch BBS wheels, enclosed by super-clingy Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT600A tires highlighting an interesting elastic compound that Subaru says will beat equal tires in wet, slippery conditions. Include it all, and Subaru says the S209 produces an astounding 1.08 g's of greatest lateral adhesion.