Imagine your perfect driver's car. You're likely thinking something that's tiny and lightweight, with strength and grip just right. The Bentley Continental GT V8 does not embody any of these characteristics.

Bentley asserts the Continental GT V8's curb weight of 4773 lbs. It has over 500 horsepower and the means to transform that energy with incredible ease into velocity. In the beautifully decorated interior, it has a farm worth of leather and enormous pieces of varnished wood. The Côtes de Genève center console trim is also a must-have choice. It could be the largest piece of true metal trim that a contemporary production car has ever seen. Each device has surroundings of diamond-knurled metal, and we will never get bored of changing the chromed climate controls or the pushers that unlock and close them down.

credit: Motor 1

Although the Bentley is significantly smaller and broader, the third-generation Continental GT runs on the same platform as the Porsche Panamera. It utilizes the same twin-turbo engine of 4.0-liter in V8 shape as the Panamera Turbo. It produces 542 horsepower from 1960 to 4500 rpm along with 568 lb-ft torque. It is simply the highest-revving engine ever placed in a Bentley with a redline at 6800 rpm.

This V-8 is coupled with an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission from the Porsche source and an all-wheel drive system based on the rear. All Continentals have a conventional three-chamber air suspension that provides sublime ride comfort with continually adjustable dampers. Selecting Comfort mode is like sinking into your favourite Chesterfield, because the Continental GT quashes every imperfection on the street. There is an unshakeable strength that is difficult to overestimate even at greater rates.

The Continental V8 starts for the Coupe at $198,500 and for the Convertible at $218,350 ($17,900 and $17,750 respectively more than the W12 Coupe and Convertible), it doesn't stop there for sure. The amazing Alpine Green V8 Coupe holds $62,700 in options, and most of those we would hardly say no to, despite a $261,200 cost tag that contains only the Bang and Olufsen mid-range audio system.

It is an amazingly sporty, engaging vehicle with well-weighted, accurate steering and a reassuringly strong.  Every touch, every detail, every turn of the steering wheel of the Continental GT looks like something you need. It's not a vehicle inspiring you to break the canyons down. It promotes rapid advancement across open, flowing highways. A real Bentley!