The debut of the 2020 Hyundai Veloster N changes things. When driving it the Veloster N has a similar perfect mix of affordability and capacity, yet the emphasis is on performance rather than the GTI's bias to refinement.

Before getting in the driver's seat, the Veloster N makes its performance spotlight known publicly. The Veloster N with the Performance Package we tried makes 25 more horsepower­ – for 275 total – than the customary N, alongside the equivalent 260 pound-feet of torque from its turbocharged 2.0-liter four-chamber. It likewise includes an electronically-controlled mechanical limited-slip differential, summer tires, electronically customizable exhaust, and bigger front and rear brakes.

In both normal and Performance Package assortments, the Veloster N is significantly less expensive than the Civic Type R's base cost of $37,230 or the $41,290 Volkswagen Golf R. The latter, while standard with all-wheel drive, just makes 12 more horsepower and 20 more pound-feet of torque for more than $10,000 extra. The motor is coupled to a shockingly sweet six-speed manual gearbox. Each gate is clear and crisp, and the switch drops into each energetically.

The Veloster controls through corners so impartially, it's difficult to trust it's front-drive. Credit goes to the best suspension tuning, sharpened under the vigilant eye of previous BMW M boss architect Albert Biermann, and the N's torque-vectoring, electronically-controlled mechanical limited-slip differential.

Considering styling, the Veloster N finds the ideal mix between the exquisite GTI and the super Civic Type R. It has a profound spoiler and side skirts in addition to a major wing, however, it doesn't venture to such an extreme as including additional grilles, scoops, and vents everywhere. Inside, the Veloster N is genuinely roomy for front occupants with a decent measure of headroom and legroom. The back seat is the opposite, which is a bit of leeway for vehicles, for example, the GTI and hot Civics. The cargo area comes in at just under 20 cubic feet, which is a strong amount concerning it as has a littler, more coupe-like shape than its more routinely shaped rival.