Track it, park it, trip it every day. A superstar of supercars.

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The British supercar manufacturer followed up with a convertible after the introduction of the 720S coupe two years earlier–a Spider in McLaren speaks–and it's quite the machine. The earlier convertible of the Super Series–the 650S Spider –has been formidable in its own right, but the 720S ' output is completely new.

The McLaren 720S Spider virtually resets your street-legal car speed definition. The automaker lists a 2.9-second time of 0-100 km / h. Accelerations are amazing and the car remains reassuringly stable regardless of how fast you're going, but the specter of attracting law enforcement attention is never from the driver's front of mind.

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This member of the Super Series goes where the driver wants it, nimbly, despite a longer wheelbase compared to last year's 570S. The 720S Spider is completely at ease on a winding stretch of road. It's a joy to steer–not too heavy, not too light. The wheel itself is great to grip, and a work of art is the body-hugging sport seats.

Like other McLaren models, the 720S Spider comes with a more functional than fantastic interior. The easy-to-use knobs on the left of the touch screen enable the car's driving parameters to be changed.

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The sideslip angle allowed before the stability control system kicks in can also be adjusted by a seasoned driver. The suspension settings are, to be sure, very firm, but McLarens ' character trait is that they manage to be comfortable despite their supercar format, and even after driving the car aggressively for hours through backcountry roads.

Convenient, tame and easy to drive, the McLaren 720S Spider shows that an exotic car can be used on a daily basis, at least during the warmer months of the year – even if it's still most at home on the track at the end of the day.

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