The European Parliament has discharged new proposals to present mandatory speed limiters in every new vehicle sold in the locale from 2022, among other brand new security tech to be introduced.

Slow Down
Photo by George Huffman / Unsplash

The 'Intelligent Speed Assistance' safety kit is intended to utilize speed limit road signs and GPS route information to effectively decrease your speed, yet the system can be canceled.

Europe's Parliament says 'the equipment could lessen fatalities on EU streets by 20%' and Róża Thun, a Polish individual from the European Parliament said this won't not only make us more secure but also assist drivers to abstain from speeding tickets.'

Dr. Suzy Charman, executive director of the Road Safety Foundation, said they greeted these innovations wholeheartedly, realized that to make them work properly,  we still had a lot to do with our investment in roads, in order to make sure that lining and signing are both as clear as predictable so that this could allow vehicles to scan the street to encourage us to drive securely.'

The agreement is temporary until further notice, as it should be affirmed by member states, committees and the EU Council for definite endorsement.

It's not by any means the only piece of the plans; the Parliament is likewise mentioning every new vehicle be furnished with information recorders to help during accidents and other safety tech previously found alternatively on numerous top-notch autos like reversing assistance, lane keep help and driver diversion alerts.

If it somehow happened to be approved, almost certainly, the UK will authorize it, even after Brexit – the Vehicle Certification Agency has said that it will proceed with its relationship with European partners by seeking a common acknowledgment of the UK and EU type-approval certification.

The news follows on not long after Volvo declared its arrangements to restrain vehicles to 112mph and reveal driver-facing cameras with screen for distractions or intoxication.