The Federal Communications Commission stated that an expected 660,000 Americans use their telephones while driving. In the U.S., around 9 lives are lost every day in car crashes that include distracted driving. To guide you to be a more cautious driver, particularly while on the interstate, we've combined 5 valuable safety tips for you.

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Always fasten your seat belt

Despite a typical tip, fasten your seatbelt is a must. As indicated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), seatbelt use helped spare more than 14,000 lives in 2016. About 90% of Americans wear seatbelts, yet a few drivers and travelers don't pay attention to the danger and still don't buckle their seatbelts. Be sure to put on your seatbelt (and remind your friends as well) so all of you can be safe while on the highway.

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Stay away from cell phone

You can't help it, reaching your mobile phone when you hear that "bing", yet it's exceptionally dangerous (and illegal in certain states) to text and drive on the interstate. In case you have an iPhone that is iOS 11 or more, you can turn on the Do Not Disturb While Driving feature to send contacts an automated message that enables you to remain concentrated while you're out and about.

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Pay attention to your speed

Be aware of your speed while on the interstate. In 2017, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, [s]peeding keeps on being the main cited to driver-related factor in highway lethal accidents. As tempted as you may be to speed, it could cost you, your riders and your fellows their lives. Continuously watch the speed as you can and modify likewise.

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Take a break

On longer trips, you will undoubtedly get worn out. At whatever point you're feeling not so well, it's advised to stop and take a break. Generally, we try to get over our tiredness by turning on the music or rolling down the windows and continue driving; however, this can be a reckless decision. Pullover to a safe area or plan ahead to switch drivers. By stopping, you let yourself rest physically and or mentally, you're avoiding accidents.

Watch out the weather conditions

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Remain conscious of weather conditions while on the interstate. During bad weather, for example, rainy or snowy conditions, you should be more alert and prepare yourself with more time to act. Don't always expect the streets are ok for driving the speed limit, particularly in low-visibility conditions. That is the reason why you should slow down and give yourself some buffer room.