Here we reveal how to feel calm when driving, figure out how to stay safe and become a skillful driver.

Driver view mountains
Photo by Oscar Nilsson / Unsplash

Check if every one of your mirrors are balanced accurately

In case your mirrors aren't adjusted perfectly, a blind spot shows up. A blind spot is a part of the street that you can't see, so you may miss a vehicle going in a neighboring traffic lane. To wipe out blind spots, modify your side-view mirrors with the goal that you can't see your car in them. The rearview mirror must be checked with the goal that you can fully see the back window of your car. When altering the mirrors, you should be in your everyday driving position.

Don't let the deception of low speed fool you

On a straight traffic lane, the speed appears to be twice lower than it truly is. In case you don't slow down before making a turn, your car may start to slide.

shot this quick panning shot of this Nissan in the city of Rotterdam.
Photo by toine G / Unsplash

Try not to turn the wheels in advance when making a left turn

It's not safe to turn the wheels ahead of time before making a left turn. They should be in the first position. In case a vehicle hits you from the back, you may be tossed into the other lanes where hitting different cars will be unavoidable.

Turn on the air conditioner

Even if you don't use the air conditioner (for instance, in winter), turn it on repeatedly for a short period of time. Or the coolant will leak out, and the cylinders will be dry.

In case the vehicle doesn't start, turn the high beams on

At times in the winter, the vehicle just won't turn on in our first attempt. Before you try it out, heat your car battery by turning the high beams on. The radio or the indicator can work as well