Virtual assistants have turned into a vital piece, and even found their way into some newer car models. However, many people own older cars that may not even have an AUX input, let access to Alexa. Fortunately, the Roav Viva Pro is here to coordinate Alexa into your vehicle charger, something that most people now possess. Below, are a few inquiries to check whether the Road Viva Pro is fit to ride shotgun on your next road trip.

The first step is to turn your car on. Next, you'll have to download the Roav Viva app from the App Store or Google Play. From that point, you can sign in to your Amazon account and select your preferred technique for matching it to your car radio. You'll have three options: Bluetooth, 35 mm auxiliary, and the FM tuner. You should simply skim over your FM tuner's channels and discover a frequency with dead air space. Then, on the app, set the Anker Roav Viva Pro to that equivalent frequency. It typically works with no issues, yet as is common for everything dealing with radio frequencies, it can be spotty. Your car antenna's signal quality and frequencies that meddle with other transmissions, for example, are factors in how clear and steady your connection will be. In the case that you have the option to pair via Bluetooth or aux, you have more options for a more reliable connection.

A driver should never take their eyes off the road to type in a location on their phone, yet drivers do it constantly. With the hands-free functionality of the Roav Viva Pro, that's not an issue. It can be connected to Google Maps, Waze, and your cell phone's standard GPS systems, such as Apple Maps. You can request directions to a particular location, or state something as straightforward as "Alexa, where's the closest service station?", and it will consequently look for it in your selected app.

You can likewise utilize the Anker Roav Viva Pro for hands-free calling. If you selected to interface your contacts during the setup procedure, just ask Alexa to call anyone, instantly. Lately, I've been utilizing the Scooch Wingman, an iPhone that highlights a built-in dash mount. After consolidating it with the Anker gadget, I'm ready to drive, worry-free.

Although most drivers still use their phones while driving, it's hazardous and a potentially expensive ticket whenever your caught. Let the Anker Roav Viva Pro help you break those bad habits. If you somehow managed to purchase the Anker Roav Viva Pro strictly for the hands-free usage, and it spares you from one ticket, it's a smart investment - even at $69.99 price tag.

For music, you can ask Alexa to play from a near-infinite selection. It utilizes applications such as Amazon Music, I-Heart Radio, and Tune-In Radio, yet Apple Music and Spotify are not supported. As an Apple Music subscriber, it may be difficult for individuals to buy a product that does not support their application, yet with the various advantages that the Anker Roav Viva Pro offers, it makes the case to switch to Amazon Music.

In addition to music, Roav and Amazon's Alexa can help control your smart home gadgets, order espressos from Starbucks, or simply navigate home from work. Depending on the area of the 12-volt port in your vehicle, the voice-confinement and noise-reduction frameworks may battle a bit. In the Honda Element, the port is on the passenger side of the vehicle, and we would frequently need to manually turn down the music and yell at Alexa to get the gadget to recognize our voice. Our discussions in a BMW i3 were much more convenient, as the charger sits just between the seats and closer to the driver.

Regarding warranty, Roav offers a simple, money-back guarantee that gives you a full discount under any conditions, up to 30 days after delivery. You only need to mail the gadget back in its unique packaging.