Audi is presenting Audi AI: TRAIL quattro – the fourth sustainable car in the IAA 2019 concept car sequence with electric engine technologies.

credit: Audi MediaCenter

For several years now, sustainable driving has been on the rise. Car manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to develop more environmentally friendly cars and enhance the industry while maintaining automation in mind due to evolving climate change. Audi is launching its fourth sustainable car this year— the sequence of concept vehicles with electric drive technologies.

Audi AI: TRAIL Quattro is an off-road electric vehicle that shifts the road transport idea. Together with other series cars, the futuristic off-roader will be presented to the public: Audi Aicon, AI: ME, and AI: RACE at the 2019 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. TRAIL quattro is the fourth release aimed at revolutionizing road transport and making automotive decisions more sustainable. The off-roader shows remarkable energy — it has four electric engines and an all-wheel drive quattro.

credit: Audi AG

With outstanding ability coupled with sustainable and automated driving experience, the car stands out from its counterparts. AI: TRAIL differs with visionary architecture despite the primary characteristics. A glass layer surrounds the cockpit, providing all-round visibility. With appliances such as phones and pcs, the interior is compliant.

AI: TRAIL has an expanded battery capacity that even for lengthy journeys guarantees a soft riding experience. Off-road architecture, owing to its agility, preserves the convenience of travelers while riding on a rough or bumpy road.

credit: Audi MediaCenter

Digital contacts, emails, and data overflowing— the contemporary environment is characterized by continuous stimulation. Audi intends to assist travelers slow down and demonstrate what is really crucial with the AI: TRAIL.

We make mobility possible and use experiences to create an emotional connection to our brand. On a quiet path out in nature, the driver finds himself. He can concentrate on whatever is going on around him at precisely that moment. And that makes every trip in the AI:TRAIL a unique experience.

(Cover photo by Maxim)