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Boxy Bollinger B1 And B2 Unveiled With All Electric Power

Bollinger Motors has recently revealed its electric off-road SUV and pick-up truck in beta prototype form, marking a major milestone in the company's next production steps. credit: dlmagThe B1 and B2, which were designed to be globe-wide road-legal, are both based on the in-house Class 3 electric vehicle ' skateboard'

Get A Break On Car Insurance

Car insurance rates are increasing across the world, but you can find ways to insure your drive without breaking the bank if you're willing to make a few changes. Photo by Alex Suprun / UnsplashOntario's last quarter saw premiums rise by almost 14 percent year-over-year to mark two consecutive quarters of

Part-Worn Tyres: Pros And Cons

It's little wonder that so many drivers baulk at the cost of a new set of tyres in straitened times. One solution, at least for some, is to avoid the complete purchase of brand new rubber and buy tyres, which someone else has already used. They are referred to part-worn

Demystify Common Auto Insurance Myths

Would choosing a red vehicle mean that the probability of an accident is higher? And will this affect your premium insurance? There are many "myths" about coverage for cars-although some of them are actually true. Photo by Gleb Makarov / UnsplashGetting an insurance plan should be a must when buying a

4 DIY Ways To Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

If you spend a lot of time in your car, it can be quite unpleasant driving around in a less-than-fragrant environment. Fortunately, the problem has many potential fixes— and some of them are cheap and chemical-free. Open A Dryer Sheet BoxPhoto by Loïc Mermilliod / UnsplashAccording to  a contributor on Reddit's

5 Coolest Devices For The 2020 Land Rover Defender

Before being considered as a premium SUV and not as a mere off-roader, the Defender was one of the hardcore off-roaders. In 2016, it vanished into memory only to revive, made a comeback three years later. The new Defender is much harder and back on track to once again be

Audi RS Q3 And RS Q3 Sportback Are Officially Here

Audi brand new RS Q3, which is available as a standard SUV and a swoopy Sportback, packs a lot of bark and bite. With this RS Q3, Audi remains its niche filling. The new performance crossover, based on the updated mini-Q, wears an aggressive remix of the body of the