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2020 McLaren 720S Spider: A Thrilling Drive Full Of Sensation

Track it, park it, trip it every day. A superstar of supercars. credit: Motor AuthorityThe British supercar manufacturer followed up with a convertible after the introduction of the 720S coupe two years earlier–a Spider in McLaren speaks–and it's quite the machine. The earlier convertible of the Super Series–

Warning To Motorists: Even A Car Sticker Can Void Your Insurance!

Stickers showing loyalty to sports teams or political views could now void your car insurance, disclosed an inquiry. Photo by Pablo García Saldaña / UnsplashEven paint security products, which are frequently awarded to fresh vehicle customers, present the danger of invalidating an engine policy if they are not disclosed to the

Porsche 959 Custormized Series: A Golden Drive For Gold Member

Many people are lucky to own one of Porsche's exclusive collections, but very few of them have more than a Porsche 959 in their garage. The only exception is a member from the Qatari royal family who owns a collection of seven Porsche 959, including the super rare Gold-On-Gold Porsche.

Next-Gen Toyota Mirai Returns For Second Generation

Toyota confirmed the development of the Mirai's second generation, but was not going deep on other details. credit: CarscoopsToyota believes the future is not just electric, and there is room for cell-powered cars with hydrogen fuel. Underlining the commitment is news that the Japanese automaker is working hard on a

Car Drivers, Hold On You May Need Gap Insurance

Gap insurance is a nice way to make your auto insurance policy more protective. But it is essential to have an knowledge of the definition of gap insurance before we dive into whether gap insurance is correct for you. Photo by Evgeny Tchebotarev / UnsplashA Quick DefinitionGap insurance refers to Guaranteed

Okay Laura, Let's Talk!

Ready for your next drive with your new digital friend, Laura from Skoda. credit: CAR MagazineHey Google, Alexa, Mercedes, Siri, Bixby–meet with Laura, Skoda's new in-car voice assistant. This week, the Czech brand disclosed the fresh digital assistant, saying it will also appear in the Kamiq SUV and the

Land Rover Working On Remote Control Tech For Defender

Land Rover is developing its new Defender on a remote control system that would allow driving at low speeds from outside the car. Photo by Jonatan Pie / UnsplashThe system is intended for off-road use, enabling owners to more accurately negotiate barriers and narrow places than if they were inside the