There's no doubt that an inexpensive used electric car can offer you several pros like smoother driving experience and environment-friendly feeling. However, battery problems are one of the potential cons you should be cautious when it comes to used electric car shopping. We're here to explain what you should know.

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All batteries of electric vehicles gradually degrade over time and lose some of their ability to keep a full charge. In specific, shorter-range EVs that may have been powered near their boundaries can often experience faster than average decay. That's because draining most or all of the charging of a battery on a periodic basis tends to cut its ability faster over moment than just "finishing off" a longer-range model every night.

Extremely hot weather possibly shorten your battery life. Be sure to compare the amount of accessible miles indicated by the state-of-charge screen with the initial expected spectrum of the vehicle at 100 percent capability. On the page, as well as in all sites, you can discover battery range scores for all previous electric vehicles.

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For at least eight years or 100,000 miles (whichever comes first), the battery pack of an electric vehicle is covered under warranty. This coverage is automatically transferred to a subsequent proprietor. However, there are exceptions to every EV warranty with respect to battery life. Some car manufacturers only contain the battery pack against complete loss, while others will substitute it, including BMW, Chevrolet, Nissan, and Volkswagen, if it drops to a defined proportion of ability while under warranty, generally 60-70 percent.

Automakers are going to have battery recovery programs in place down the highway to stretch the useful life of older EVs without hitting the bank. Nissan has such a program at Leaf owners ' disposal in Japan, and is allegedly considering a comparable U.S. program. Meanwhile, you may want to take a pass on an elderly used model that can only assemble half or less of its initial spectrum.

Next time you plan on buying an used electric car, keep battery issues in your mind and think twice before making any decisions.