Bollinger Motors has recently revealed its electric off-road SUV and pick-up truck in beta prototype form, marking a major milestone in the company's next production steps.

credit: dlmag

The B1 and B2, which were designed to be globe-wide road-legal, are both based on the in-house Class 3 electric vehicle ' skateboard' platform developed by Bollinger. The chassis and body are made of aluminum with simple-to-replace body panels, making it light and easy to manufacture.

The battery packs of both vehicles offer support for either 220V charging through a conventional household socket or DC fast charging through a commercially available CCS port. The former system allows full recharge in 10 hours, Bollinger claims, while the latter can brim the battery in only 75 minutes. The B1 comes with a high-and low-range two-speed gearbox, a 52-and 43-degree near-50:50 weight distribution and approach and departure angles compared to the respective 38-and 40-degree Defender figures.

credit: EV Bite

Because of its longer wheelbase, the breakover angle of the B1 is marginally lower at only 30 degrees than that of the Defender ; an issue that Bollinger will eventually remedy with the introduction of a two-door, short-wheelbase version later in the life span of the car.

There is little other inside than an analog gauge cluster, a leather-cut steering wheel and four-seat seating. Both models also feature the patented "pass through" panels of Bollinger between the rear bed, cabin and storage area of the underbonnet. The B1 can therefore carry items up to five meters in length, while the B2 can carry items nearly six meters in length.

credit: Autoevolution

Both the B1 and B2 have a payload of 5201 lbs (2.360 kg), a towing capacity of 7.500lbs (3.400 kg) and a ground clearance of 15-inch. Under both models ' bonnet there is about 400 liters of storage space, and Bollinger claims that the B2 can carry 72 sheets of 4x 81⁄2 foot plywood with removed rear seats.

Bollinger is currently reserving for the B1 and B2, with the intention of starting production in the middle of 2020. The company will first prioritize the American market, although Bollinger says it plans to sell both models overseas in right-hand drive format eventually. At the end of this year, prices will be announced, with first deliveries due in 2021.

(Cover photo by InsideEVs)