The used car market is far larger than fresh vehicle sales; approximately eight million used vehicles are marketed annually in the UK, opposed to approximately two million new cars. An older used electric car can be a good decision but you need to choose your used car carefully. Here are some shopping considerations for you.

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When shopping for a used EV, make sure that its operating spectrum is well within your regular requirements. On the side of caution, you'll want to err, particularly if you're living in an region that has severe temperature fluctuations. In specific, cold weather can significantly impede the efficiency of a battery. A recent study found that the range of an average EV drops by 41 percent when the mercury dips to 20 ° F and the vehicle's heater is in use. Be conscious that riding at higher speeds tends to exhaust an EV's battery faster than riding a long way around the city.

As with any used vehicle, be sure to offer a thorough route exam to a pre-owned electric car to guarantee that you are happy with how it operates and that you are able to manage all controls while riding quickly and without distraction. While this may require a long ride on the highway or even a plane ride if it is out of state, it is a requirement. That's because operations in the used car typically take place on a "as is" basis.

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Plus, it's recommended that you should obtain a history report on a pre-owned EV through a service such as Carfax or AutoCheck. This will verify the ownership chain and the last number of miles reported on the odometer, document the maintenance records of a model, and indicate whether it was in a wreck or was flooded, or was rescued and reconstructed.

If you can, have a technician examine the vehicle to make sure it's all in excellent working condition. Since few local mechanics are well versed in electric cars, however, you will likely need to bring it to the service department of a dealer to get this done. The battery, which is the most costly element of an EV, is the most significant element to have verified. A substitute battery pack for a Nissan Leaf is costing $8,500, according to Automotive News.

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Although an older used electric car can not suit the variety of many present designs that can operate on a charge for over 200 miles, they can be inexpensive to purchase and cost-effective to operate if you only have few requirements. An elderly EV may suffice as a second or third car in the fleet of a family and function as an affordable means to travel around the town or creating local shopping trips.