Before being considered as a premium SUV and not as a mere off-roader, the Defender was one of the hardcore off-roaders. In 2016, it vanished into memory only to revive, made a comeback three years later. The new Defender is much harder and back on track to once again be a real off-roader. The Defender has 170 accessories available and here are 10 items that we discovered super cool and helpful when you intend to buy a Defender.

Clearsight Digital Rearview Mirror

credit: The Verge

Basically, this device is a rearview mirror that can display the camera feed with a switch turn. Even you'd expect the Land Rover Defender to always show you the camera feed, but since the off-roader comes with a single display, you can't just have a devoted screen for the dashboard feed. So the car manufacturer chose to add a mirror that would do the work. This will be useful if in trenches and off the highways you have to adjust closely. Even if you're not planning to do much off-road with your Defender, it's still going to be very helpful and worth considering.

Integrated Air Compressor

credit: Top Speed

Under any conditions, this item is extremely useful. It can be used to inflate not only the wheels of the Defender, but bike wheels, air seats, and even the waterproof awning of Land Rover's own. It even comes with distinct attachments and a pipe is supplied that is long enough to readily achieve all the wheels so that the compressor can be stored in your luggage and you will not have to be deleted at all. For additional comfort, you can pre-set the stress according to your times and use the digital display.

Portable Rinse System

credit: Auto Blog

Even if you're not off-road or adventurous, you've surely confronted a scenario where you've had to leave your car with dirty boots, or put them inside the boot, and you've wanted to clean them first. The portable rinse system was created for the same reason . This rinse mechanism will produce at least two minutes of constant water stream through an attachment in the shower hose style. The best part about it is that batteries or energy sources are not used.

Raised Air Intake

credit: GearJunkie

If you plan to take your Defender off-road frequently, this item will be highly helpful. It helps safeguard the engine from an elevated place above the hood by squeezing air. Inside there is an air filter that lowers the particles of dust that are sent in. The cap is positioned on the driver's side on the A-pillar and the current air conditioning ventilation fittings are used. Do notice, however, that this does not boost the wading range of the Defender, which is 35.4 inches.

Inflatable Waterproof Awning

credit: Sunday Times Driving

The awning is a ideal accessory for individuals who love camping or picnics on occasion. It comes with an inflatable aerial screen that deploys rapidly in the event of sudden rains or severe sunlight. You can fit this on either side or on the back of the Defender and there is no need for it to be fitted with the ceiling rails. The package also involves a stirrup pump, which can be used to inflate the awning in less than five minutes.