Approximately 4,000 individuals in the UK make these mistakes every week, and you may be one of them!

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Drivers throughout the UK risk losing their cars every week and even being slapped with fines for making fundamental car insurance mistakes. There are three primary ways, according to the ABI, drivers are attempting to trick the insurance system dishonestly to obtain reduced premiums. Since 2014, it has handled more than 212,000 dishonest requests for insurance - a rate of 4,000 per week.

Fronting (placing someone else as the car's primary driver) is one of the most frequently committed offenses. Fronting is illegal and often occurs when younger drivers name their parents as the main driver on the policy.

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An offense is also committed by drivers who bring a distinct postcode to the one they are relying on, while those who drop out prior allegations or unclaimed convictions may also be without valid insurance.

Changing your insurance: According to Comparethemarket, looking for a better quote up to three weeks before you renew can save you an average of £280. Meanwhile, it can cost as much as £113 a year to accept the car renewal figure. The key to having a better offer can be shopping around on insurance websites or any similar service to check your options.

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Adding another driver: While fronting is illegal in the UK, and younger drivers aren't allowed to place parents as their car's main driver, they can think about adding a secondary driver to the policy. The secondary driver must give permission, and it could push down the price of a premium as long as they have a clean license and a good history of no claims.

Cutting your excess: The final quote may get affected by the level of your premium insurance excess. A higher excess of insurance (the amount you are willing to pay for the damage), means less risk to the insurer and lower premiums. Other things that may lower the price include removing other cover types such as breakdown cover, windscreen cover, cover when driving abroad, and the option of a courtesy car. Regardless, think carefully before choosing to remove these cover types as they might cost you more in the long run.