Ford has reported two new safety recalls and is adding a vehicle to an old recall. The recalls involve 2019 F-Series Super Duty trucks, 2020 Explorers and 2020 Escapes.

By volume, the Super Duty recall involves the most vehicles, 28,579 of which are in the U.S., 4,316 in Canada, and 73 in Mexico. Ford said that the electronically locking rear-axle get together may have driver-side axle shaft produced with steel that doesn't meet Ford's requirements.

As a result of the quality level, the axle shaft could fracture and the SUV could hypothetically lose control if it is in two-wheel drive. A flawed truck could likewise fail to stay in park. These issues could cause wounds, however, none have been accounted for. Vendors will examine the vehicles and replace any parts that don't fulfill requirements. Ford recommends utilizing the parking brake during all cases the vehicle is stationary up to that point.

The 2020 Explorer recall possibly influences 10,655 vehicles in the U.S., a large portion of which are still on seller lots. Explorers with 2.3-liter and 3.3-liter gas engines may have wiring harnesses that have not been appropriately verified. If the harnesses move out of position, they could hit the air-conditioning pulley, which could harm either the harness, the pulley, or both. After some time, this sort of contact could cause a short circuit and/additionally fire. Ford says it will address the issue and replace any parts that have been damaged.

Part C of the announcement adds the 2020 Escape to a recall first declared in August. The recall, which manages hidden broken seatback leaning back mechanisms, involving 9,350 Escapes in North America. Ford says the most share of vehicles are still at dealers, and they'll be fixed before they are delivered.

For more information, contact your local Ford seller.