We lately tried the luggage-conveying ability of one of the most roomy three-row crossovers, the 2020 Hyundai Palisade, and now it's the ideal opportunity for one of the littlest. The 2019 Mazda CX-9 may look awesome and drive way more better, yet that cost the cargo capacity, as we're going to see.

The huge guilty pleasure is that rakish liftgate, which not just loots the CX-9 of luggage space, however, third-row headroom also. It's pretty dungeon-like back there even with competitive legroom, and there aren't any air vents or USB ports, either.

In any case, this is about cargo capacity, so we should perceive how much luggage will fit inside. As per the specs, the CX-9 has 38.2 cubic-feet with the third-row lowered. That is far not exactly the Palisade's 45.8 and Honda Pilot's 46.8. It's in reality even not exactly the five-passenger Honda Passport (50.5).

The test vehicle accompanied a $100 cargo mat, which is velcroed to the seats and overlays OK with it, yet the floor covering additionally occupies some additional space ... what's more, the CX-9 needs as much as it can get.

To raise the seats, lean inside and draw up/back on those two handles.

There is 14.4 cubic-feet of room behind the raised third row. On paper, that is for sure one of the littler sums in the section, yet in the real world, it appears to be considerably smaller.

You can free up space by taking off the rigid floor panel. In case you have to convey different bits of luggage, it's certainly a need.

The principal uses each of the three portable suitcases with the cargo floor discard. But no, the extravagant sack won't fit on the blue one since it'll keep running into the liftgate window. Although a smaller tote would fit.

This is the way we could fit one of the bigger check-in bags. The liftgate marginally shut. Once more, you could fit a little tote on the blue bag, in addition to some different things in the lower outboard regions.

Note that doing this makes things more upsetting for a third-row traveler. It's fundamentally similar to sitting in a container, and a quick right turn could, without difficulty, slide the top bag into you.