In the industry today, very few cars arrive fitted with the variety of characteristics and technology that the latest INFINITI Q50 has to offer. In reality, the luxury sport sedan INFINITI Q50 is packed with so many high-tech features, from safety to efficiency to comfort. When INFINITI technicians set out to produce a car consisting of equal components style, luxury and superior handling, technology was at the core of the Q50 layout.

Performance Tech

Direct Adaptive Steering: This technique is intended to provide you with stronger steering command, by digitally transferring input straight to the tires. Simply spin the steering wheel to use this technology, and the processor adapts to rough or irregular streets automatically, creating subtle adjustments that provide an enhanced feeling of power and stability.

  • Intelligent All-Wheel Drive: this system immediately adapts to road circumstances. It tracks output continuously and provides energy to the wheels that need it.

Convenience Tech

  • INFINITI InTouch: this feature of the Q50 technology integrates navigation, comfort, safety and recreation in a state-of-the-art system straight on your dash. InTouch provides you full power - much more than just voice-activation - without ever getting your fingers off the wheel.
  • INFINITI Touchscreen Navigation: the dual touchscreen navigation system Q50 is both user-friendly and convenient. It can assist you to schedule your trip, discover points of interest, go shopping, and discover facilities nearby, all at your fingertips.
  • Intelligent Key: INFINITI Smart Key enables you to customize the configurations of your car to suit you. Whether it's your driver's seat, windows, steering wheel, or even the home screen, they are all adapted to your personal preferences automatically by pressing a button.
  • Bluetooth Features: you can hold your fingers on the wheel while creating and receiving mobile calls using INFINITI Bluetooth technology. For comfort and voice-activated dialing, INFINITI enables you to store your favorite numbers on up to 5 different phones.

Safety Tech

  • Predictive Forward Collision Warning: The Predictive Forward Collision Warning system from INFINITI Q50 can detect the relative speed of the car in front of you. So, even if it's hard for you to see what's happening 2 cars ahead, it's a piece of cake for your Q50.
  • Backup Collision Intervention: backup is no longer your concern with this groundbreaking technique, even if your vision is impeded. Crossing traffic can be detected by the system, as well as big stationary items that may be in your route. It can warn you of a crash by using verbal and visual alerts, and it can also hit the brakes temporarily to get your attention.
  • Blind Spot Monitoring and Intervention: these security features can inform you of a car in your blind spot, with a visual message on your device cluster, and can even guide you securely back into your lane.