Ready for your next drive with your new digital friend, Laura from Skoda.

credit: CAR Magazine

Hey Google, Alexa, Mercedes, Siri, Bixby–meet with Laura, Skoda's new in-car voice assistant. This week, the Czech brand disclosed the fresh digital assistant, saying it will also appear in the Kamiq SUV and the Scala. Skoda has entered the ranks of vehicle producers providing an improved voice assistant in their vehicles-but it's chosen to call it Laura instead of selecting some awkward name.

Doesn't it get quite busy? Either way, in the flagship Amundsen infotainment system, the new assistant will be available as an option, and like the system of Mercedes, it claims to understand natural speech. In principle, that implies you're not going to have to memorize weird, robotic orders like you would in previous-gen schemes–but when you hear it, you'll think of it.


The new assistant will speak six languages as well: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and, of course, Czech. You're going to be prepared to do the kind of stuff other digital assistants are offering, managing music, looking for POIs and having navigation, or making contact calls. Skoda claims Laura is undergoing continuing growth, adding fresh abilities in the future, including managing other car features-and all caused by stating 'Hey Laura'.

As it utilizes an eSim, it will always be online, and just like Tesla, Google and Mercedes goods, it will be updated and cultivated with over - the-air (OTA) applications. Also on the horizon is the chance of competing smartphone apps, as they will allow Skoda customers to proceed the relationship once they leave their car.

credit: Antyweb

Laura will be accessible on Amundsen's top-of-line infotainment scheme and will use the integrated SIM to manage data communication as it is an online system. In the new Skoda Kamiq and Scala designs, you will be able to shout "Hey Laura!"

(Cover photo by CAR Magazine)