Generally, the best driving background is one that isn't loaded up with complex gadgets. However, these proofs of car innovation do justice for car lovers.

Remote Start

What's better than the ability to start your vehicle from your kitchen on a cool day? No sitting in the freezing cold waiting for everything to come up to temperature.

Dual-Clutch Transmissions

Given the decision, we'll generally select to move for ourselves. But in case you have to have an automatic transmission, dual-clutch will always be your perfect choice. Movements are consistent and lightning-fast, giving you a two-pedal gearbox that is very responsive and candid.

Luxury Stereos

Speaker systems in autos have made some amazing progress over the last 30 years. Crackly, blurring sound has cleared a path for some genuinely world-class stereos that you can choose from the factory.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Regardless of phone calls or music, having Bluetooth in your vehicle just makes life simpler. No wires, no SD card juggling, simply synchronize your phone to your vehicle and go

Parking Cameras

Backup cameras are required on all traveler vehicles sold in the US after May 1st, 2018, however, the perfect systems have more than one camera. They make parking and moving through cramped spaces more secure for everybody.

Magnetic Ride Control

Magnetic adaptive suspension uses a fluid with a viscosity that changes relied on magnetic information. It's extraordinarily smart and used on everything from Corvettes to Ferraris.

Multimatic DSSV Suspension

This trick spool-valve damper structure is used on a wide range of race autos and performance-minded of road cars like the Ford GT, Camaro Z/28, and Colorado ZR2.

Blindspot Monitoring

A downside of driving huge, long autos is a hefty, difficult-to-see blindspot. That is effectively cured by blindspot monitoring systems that can detect when a vehicle or other item is in the very spot you can't see. Smart, and incredibly useful.