It's little wonder that so many drivers baulk at the cost of a new set of tyres in straitened times. One solution, at least for some, is to avoid the complete purchase of brand new rubber and buy tyres, which someone else has already used. They are referred to part-worn tyres.

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The Pros Of Part-Worn Tyres

If you buy a second-hand car and do not immediately replace the tyres with a new set, you will actually buy partially worn tyres. Many of us will admit to doing just that without any idea of where those tyres came from or what their history might be.

The big advantage of part- worn tyres is that they cost less than brand new tyres. Plus, you may be able to afford a higher quality tyre from a big name brand by buying a set of used rubber, rather than a manufacturer's budget tyre you've never heard of.

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The Cons Of Part-Worn Tyres

Certainly the safety. If someone removed a set of tyres from their car, they did so because they don't consider them safe anymore. If those tyres for another driver are not good enough, are they really good enough for you? With less tread than a brand new tyre, part-worns, especially in the wet, will generate less grip. This means that your car will have less traction and less cornering and braking grip, which is more appropriate.

Second-hand tyres are also not going to last as long as new tyres. They will have to be replaced much more frequently, so the savings will be less substantial than they might appear first. A new tyre may have a tread of up to 8 mm, whereas a partially worn tyre may have only a quarter. Consequently, it will only be fit for a few hundred miles and will need to be replaced soon.

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The part-worn tyres are either a great money-saver or a risky gamble. If you're considering to buy part-worn car tyres, follow our easy steps below to give you the best chance:

  • Buy from a well-known seller.
  • Find out about the history of the tyre as much as you can.
  • Look for the top tyres from the brand.
  • Buy in pairs of tyres to match the tyres on every axle of your car.
  • Check the depth of the tread and seek uneven wear.
  • Check inside and out the carcass of the tyre for any damage or repair.
  • Don't buy in case you still doubt it..