What was interesting about a cabriolet in compare with other two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicles was that its roof could fold back, giving an outside carriage experience for its owners. Cabriolets were the principal convertibles.

The cabriolet has a similar motor, transmission, tires, and brakes just like the standard 911 Carrera; so exactly how extraordinary is an open-top 911 from its coupe sibling? These are the differences between the convertible and hardtop.


The 911 Carrera is a luxury car, with price starts at $98,750, and the cabriolet has a recognizable price bump from that point. It begins at $111,550, a premium of $12,800 over the same coupe. What's fascinating is the way Porsche's valuing for the coupe and convertible 911 unlike its pricing for the 718 Boxster and Cayman.

Like the hardtop and convertible variants of the 911, the outdoors 718 Boxster is precisely the same as the 718 Cayman, it simply has a folding fabric roof. As far as the 718, a base convertible just costs 3.6 percent over a base coupe—$60,250 compared to $58,150. With the 911, however, you'll pay much more for your open-air motoring knowledge. A Carrera Cabriolet costs 13 percent more than a standard Carrera.


Convertibles don't look appropriate to us when the rear of the vehicle is higher than the front, and the 911 Cab may be the most awful offender. In addition to the fact that its rears end sit higher than the base of the windshield, the 992 cabriolet includes wider hips and impressive visual bulk under its full-width rear taillight.

Speed And Acceleration

For similar reasons the 911 cabriolet is a touch less effective than the fixed-roof coupe (additional weight and composed aerodynamics), the coupe is somewhat quicker at top speed and a sniff faster to quicken. As per Porsche, the coupe will hit 182 mph yet the convertible tops out at "only" 180 mph.

In the race to 60 mph, the coupe beats the cabriolet by 0.2 seconds. The Carrera will hit 60 in 4.0 seconds compared to the cabbie's 4.2 seconds. Adding the Sport Chrono pack to either vehicle drops its 0-60 time by 0.2 seconds.

Remember, however, that probably the best motivation to drive a convertible is mainly the sensation of speed, not simply the speed. The Carrera Cabriolet probably won't be very comparatively snappy as the coupe, however, with the breeze in your hair and engine sound in your ears, it feels just right.