Many people are lucky to own one of Porsche's exclusive collections, but very few of them have more than a Porsche 959 in their garage. The only exception is a member from the Qatari royal family who owns a collection of seven Porsche 959, including the super rare Gold-On-Gold Porsche.

credit: Top Gear Singapore

This year, Porsche Exclusive has been celebrating 33 years since the brand officially started to make cars specifically designed for wealthy customers. However, even before the establishment of its bespoke division, Porsche had begun to create a number of exclusive cars for buyers wishing to have their own personal cars. Since 1978, Porsche has been giving customers what they really want.

It was then that Porsche Exclusive Manufactur was launched, offering special modifications and conversions to series produced cars. The initial spark for the exclusive small series was a request from the owner of the TAG, Mansour Ojjeh, in 1983, who wanted to drive a very special 911: the road version of the Type 935 race car.

credit: Top Gear Singapore

However, a special request from the Middle East came in 1989. With a very unusual request, a sheik called the division and ordered for his collection no less than seven unique-colored 959s. Each of them had a matching interior color and painted to match even the tail pipes. One of the seven gold-painted cars. Like the right gold. All the gold. It's a golden ride for Goldmember.

The Porsche 959 is a car that resides comfortably in the Supercar Hall of Fame as a quick refresher. Born in 1983, it was primarily a race car. But then it became a special homologation-one of those mystical road cars that only exists so that the manufacturer can qualify to enter their race car in a specific series.

credit: Top Gear Singapore

Besides the special gold paint, a number of other colors are also used for small details like brown, beige and green stripes that accentuate the car's waistline, as well as real gold-plated exhaust. . Everything has the same interior color, including steering wheel, dashboard, leather seats, headrests and carpets. The sheikh family emblem is also in gold and you can find it plastered on the steering wheel and gearbox lid.

If you're still curious about the remaining cars in the collection, you're certainly not going to be satisfied because there's very little publicity about the information. All we have is the single images of the remaining interior, as shown in the red Porsche 959.

(Cover photo by Top Gear)