Now that you own a Jeep Grand Cherokee, let's think about improving this vehicle with some enjoyable and practical accessories. You may consider beginning with the interior when it comes to protecting your Jeep Grand Cherokee. After all, you're going to spend more time appreciating the inside than the outside, and you'll want to improve your driving experience as much as possible.

Floor Mats

credit: FRS Sport

You need to consider not only the value but also the cost and client feedback when searching for floor mats. However, selecting appropriate floor mats is not a simple job as there are hundreds of products with distinct cost ranges. That being said, it's recommended to consider floor mats made of environmentally friendly TPE material that are easy to clean. Other features you can focus on include customized fit and weather floor liners.

Slush Mats

credit: Quadratec

Generally, people seem to use slush mats as a winter climate accessory, perfect for keeping the carpet of your Cherokee free of snow. However, slush mats are ideal all-season props. Spring means rain, as well as muddy circumstances that you would prefer to keep outside your vehicle, or at least off the carpet. Beach journeys come with sandy feet, which is always difficult to remove from carpet. Manufacturers of auto parts could do well to consider re-packing slush mats and spill guards. Invest in this item to safeguard your carpet's well-being and lengthen its livelihood.

Cargo Trays

credit: Quadratec

Cargo trays are another item you can purchase for your Jeep Grand Cherokee. The cargo tray is custom-molded to suit the storage space of your Cherokee, and can be easily installed and removed subsequently for fast and convenient washing. Think about how much easier it is to hose dog hair off a rubber layer, than it is to vacuum it. It's like attempting to put toothpaste back in the tube - you'll never be completely successful.

Among the most popular and best-selling accessories, cargo trays are available for either the Cherokee 2001 or current 2019 models.