The big boss in the e-commerce has just teamed up with the young vehicle manufacture.

Tesla's Semi may have grabbed many early clients, yet EV startup Rivian has recently verified a huge order from Amazon. The web-based business giant has ordered 100,000 copies of the newly Rivian electric conveyance van, and soon we will see them almost every streets.

Rivian's electric commercial vans will start delivering bundles to byuers in 2021, Amazon stated. The company objects to have 10,000 duplicates of the vehicles ready in 2022, and every one of the 100,000 vans will land by 2030.

Amazon says this is the biggest request of electric delivery vehicles to date. The request is a piece of Amazon's arrangement to accomplish net zero carbon emissions by 2040. When each of the 100,000 Rivian electric vans are on the road, Amazon says it will net savings of 4 million metric tons of carbon every year.

The association between Amazon and Rivian has been moving rapidly. It was only this February that Amazon reported it was the main supporter in a $700 million round of investment in the EV startup. Amazon says it has put in $440 million into the budding organization to quicken the advancement of electric vehicles, however, another real player joined the game in April. Ford dropped $500 million into Rivian and said it would receive Rivian's flexible skateboard platform for the latest electric vehicle.

In 2018, Rivian flaunted its own-everything electric pickup truck and SUV. These are scheduled to enter production in late 2020.

Source: Amazon