Mercedes has presented its Formula E car in June 2019 and the German manufacturer's team will participate in the next season of Formula Electric FIA. The German manufacturer will land in Formula E next year for the 100% single-seater electric car category of the FIA. Mercedes - winners of the previous five Formula One drivers and team awards - intend to create more than one splash when they enter Season Six's Formula E.

@natejgo / Unsplash

By bringing the HWA Racelab squad out on track in Season Five as Formula E guinea pigs, Mercedes took a genius approach to their debut season. Mercedes and HWA have not worked together for the first time as explanation from HWA CEO and team principal Ulrich Fritz.

We have a long history with Mercedes and a lot of successes together. We are the most successful ever team in DTM (the German Touring Car Championship) and, with Mercedes, we won a bunch of driver, manufacturer and team titles.

The two-way relationship between the invincible Mercedes F1 team and the electric whippersnappers from Fritz is also an enormous advantage when it comes to preparation for the Season Six. Experienced racing engineer Tony Ross, who worked closely with Rosberg in his 2016 title-winning F1 campaign and more recently with Valtteri Bottas, was also parachuted into the Formula E team a year earlier.

If there's one thing Mercedes' future Formula E rivals are likely to be worrying, it's the potential of the Brixworth-built electric motors and powertrain. The F1 juggernaut of Mercedes is driven by the absolute dominance of the masterminded hybrid engine ahead of the major technical rule change of the sport in 2014. Now, under Andy Cowell's leadership, the same team is upgrading a high-performance powertrain for its electric charge. HWA drivers Stoffel Vandoorne and Gary Paffett said the car was "very reliable" and "first impression was very good."

Even with more experience, mastering the unique formula of one day racing on ever-evolving city center circuits can ultimately be impossible for anyone. And the brains behind the series of electric racing are always looking for new ways to make the race less predictable and even more exciting for the title race.

When Mercedes come, they come to win.