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Part-Worn Tyres: Pros And Cons

It's little wonder that so many drivers baulk at the cost of a new set of tyres in straitened times. One solution, at least for some, is to avoid the complete purchase of brand new rubber and buy tyres, which someone else has already used. They are referred to part-worn

5 Coolest Devices For The 2020 Land Rover Defender

Before being considered as a premium SUV and not as a mere off-roader, the Defender was one of the hardcore off-roaders. In 2016, it vanished into memory only to revive, made a comeback three years later. The new Defender is much harder and back on track to once again be

Top 3 Recommended Tonneau Covers For Your Car

A tonneau cover is helpful if you possess a truck. Trucks are great to carry tons of equipment and do the job. But it's a constant concern to keep your gear secure in bed, especially when you leave equipment overnight in your truck bed or when you leave your truck

Are Car Vacuum Cleaners Really Useful?

Your car is one of the most frequently overlooked vacuum spaces. The car is only the transportation vessel for millions of Americans. If you've got to deal with gridlock traffic and long traffic, the last thing you want to do is pull out the extension cords and find a way

Hands-free Phone Ban Consideration In The UK

As stated in today's latest reports, the UK government is thinking about a ban on hands-free telephone calls in vehicles, as hands-free units have been appeared to cause near enough a similar distraction as a held gadget. All things considered, that includes hands-free kít, and not something, for example, using

Apple CarPlay: Good News For BMW Customers

Apple CarPlay is a method for associating your iPhone and all that it includes to your vehicle's infotainment screen. At the point when Apple CarPlay is working, your vehicle's display will look a lot like your current iPhone hung on its side and will demonstrate CarPlay perfect applications on your

Stand Out On The Road With Mini New Floating Wheel Caps

One of the things that irks our sense as motoring journalists and photographers is when we shoot the wheels of the car. To create the picture more aesthetically appealing, to tell the least, we always want to maintain the logo on the wheel hubcap in the correct direction or we