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Get A Break On Car Insurance

Car insurance rates are increasing across the world, but you can find ways to insure your drive without breaking the bank if you're willing to make a few changes. Photo by Alex Suprun / UnsplashOntario's last quarter saw premiums rise by almost 14 percent year-over-year to mark two consecutive quarters of

Demystify Common Auto Insurance Myths

Would choosing a red vehicle mean that the probability of an accident is higher? And will this affect your premium insurance? There are many "myths" about coverage for cars-although some of them are actually true. Photo by Gleb Makarov / UnsplashGetting an insurance plan should be a must when buying a

Warning To Motorists: Even A Car Sticker Can Void Your Insurance!

Stickers showing loyalty to sports teams or political views could now void your car insurance, disclosed an inquiry. Photo by Pablo García Saldaña / UnsplashEven paint security products, which are frequently awarded to fresh vehicle customers, present the danger of invalidating an engine policy if they are not disclosed to the

Car Drivers, Hold On You May Need Gap Insurance

Gap insurance is a nice way to make your auto insurance policy more protective. But it is essential to have an knowledge of the definition of gap insurance before we dive into whether gap insurance is correct for you. Photo by Evgeny Tchebotarev / UnsplashA Quick DefinitionGap insurance refers to Guaranteed

10 Worst States For Filing An Accident Claim

Car accidents are, of course, stressful occurrences, whether it's a severe collision or just a small fender bender. Often in the U.S., misery is not just about harm. Once an accident complaint passes through your insurance, your second high-stress incident associated with the crash is likely to be a

Is Rental Car Reimbursement A Good Idea?

Rental reimbursement coverage enables you qualify for travel costs, such as a rental car or public transit fare, while repairing your own vehicle after a covered insurance claim. It does not apply if routine maintenance work is required for your vehicle or if you need to lease a car on

Full Coverage Car Insurance

Full coverage car insurance is a hybrid of coverage rather than a particular form of policy. It typically involves collision insurance and comprehensive insurance, which, in relation to liability insurance, pays for accidents and damages that you lead to others, works out if your vehicle is harmed. Full coverage car