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Boxy Bollinger B1 And B2 Unveiled With All Electric Power

Bollinger Motors has recently revealed its electric off-road SUV and pick-up truck in beta prototype form, marking a major milestone in the company's next production steps. credit: dlmagThe B1 and B2, which were designed to be globe-wide road-legal, are both based on the in-house Class 3 electric vehicle ' skateboard'

Porsche 959 Custormized Series: A Golden Drive For Gold Member

Many people are lucky to own one of Porsche's exclusive collections, but very few of them have more than a Porsche 959 in their garage. The only exception is a member from the Qatari royal family who owns a collection of seven Porsche 959, including the super rare Gold-On-Gold Porsche.

Next-Gen Toyota Mirai Returns For Second Generation

Toyota confirmed the development of the Mirai's second generation, but was not going deep on other details. credit: CarscoopsToyota believes the future is not just electric, and there is room for cell-powered cars with hydrogen fuel. Underlining the commitment is news that the Japanese automaker is working hard on a

Forget EVs, BMW Developing New V8 For M5 CS

It's been a while since a fresh V8 engine was introduced by BMW last. The Bavarian brand is mostly renowned for its straight six factories, admittedly, and we have had plenty of them lately. But as far as V8 engines are concerned, the N63/S63 combo seemed to be the

Porsche delivers 116,964 vehicles in the first half year

In the first six months of 2020, Porsche supplied a total of 116,964 cars to customers worldwide. A The coronavirus crisis and the resulting closures of Porsche Centres over a period of several weeks resulted in a 12 per cent decline in deliveries as compared to the prior year.

Bollinger Reveals Double Electric SUVs Made For The Great Outdoors

Michigan-based Bollinger Motors presented 2 models of electric off-roaded named B1 and B2, accordingly. After a long period, these almost-produced models preview the start up's initial two series-produced models, while revealing insight into what the remainder of its range will resemble. The B1 is an SUV, and the B2 is

Fiat Chrysler Fined $40 Million For Faking Sales Reports

According to U.S. securities regulators, due to Fiat Chrysler's misdirected financial specialists by exaggerating its monthly sales numbers over five years, the automaker has to pay a $40 million settlement fee. The Italian-American company blew up sales by paying sellers to report fake numbers from 2012 to 2016, the