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Okay Laura, Let's Talk!

Ready for your next drive with your new digital friend, Laura from Skoda. credit: CAR MagazineHey Google, Alexa, Mercedes, Siri, Bixby–meet with Laura, Skoda's new in-car voice assistant. This week, the Czech brand disclosed the fresh digital assistant, saying it will also appear in the Kamiq SUV and the

Land Rover Working On Remote Control Tech For Defender

Land Rover is developing its new Defender on a remote control system that would allow driving at low speeds from outside the car. Photo by Jonatan Pie / UnsplashThe system is intended for off-road use, enabling owners to more accurately negotiate barriers and narrow places than if they were inside the

What Will Daihatsu's four Tokyo Motor Show Concepts Bring?

At the point when Suzuki flaunted two of its concept uncovers for the Tokyo Motor Show, one was a kei car called the Waku Spo. When you repeat the word "waku" twice, in any case, you get the thrill, which could be how Daihatsu came up with the name for

2020 Mazda CX-9 gets additional standard features and higher price, of course

The 2020 Mazda CX-9 is here, and it's considerably more alluring than the 2019 model year SUV. It is anything but a full redesign, however, Mazda shook up the highlights list to make it more ambitious than three-row crossovers. Most eminent (conceivably) of all changes originate from a little increment

2020 Toyota Supra GT4 details announced, rolls into dealers next year

The 2020 Toyota Supra GT4 race car was presented not long ago at the Geneva Motor Show and saw its first race at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring. In any case, just currently has Toyota given key mechanical insights regarding the car. Furthermore, the exciting news is that the Supra's

New Car Tech Features That Are Extraordinary Useful

Generally, the best driving background is one that isn't loaded up with complex gadgets. However, these proofs of car innovation do justice for car lovers. Remote StartWhat's better than the ability to start your vehicle from your kitchen on a cool day? No sitting in the freezing cold waiting for

Mobileye Joins Force With Ordnance Survey For A New HD Mapping Tech

Autonomous vehicle tech pros Mobileye and the 1791-formed Ordnance Survey have united for an eager mapping venture. The two intend to amp UK's road network in a lot better cooler detail than ever, to help autonomous vehicles' cameras and sensors. The information gathering plan logs the accurate area of manholes