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Take A Look At Hyundai's Blindspot View Monitor

On a vehicle as cutting edge as the hydrogen-fuelled, (kind of) self-driving Hyundai NEXO, it's kinda obvious to forget about the Blindspot View Monitor. It seems like the blindspot screens by now equipped to numerous vehicles, however, the truth is it's more developed. In fact, it might prove to be

Take A Look At The Brand New Generation Of Tires

This year's Frankfurt Autoshow Continental uncovered the most inventive tire up to date. Due to a few smart designing and electronic integration, Continental's new tire can screen tire condition and modify pressure all on the fly. To gain eco-friendliness, Continental's new tire can monitor a few basic parameters such as

3 Carwash Technologies That We All Looking Forward To

As we anticipate the coming year and more, we've expected to see the three carwash-industry innovations below to hit big. Photo by Scott Webb / UnsplashPaid Vacuum Center Systems Replacing FreevacsBunches of manufacturers in the nation are fed up with consuming a lot of assets on high-maintenance, high-cost vacuum centers without

Car-Free Movement And The Fairy Tale Of A Self-Driving World

Take a seat and grab your treats, we're telling you a fairy tale. A Self-Driving World: From Fairy Tale To RealityOnce upon a time, humans created cars and set a start for automotive industry. The era of 1900s marked as the debut of Automobile Factory, since then, we never stop

Automobile Milestones in Car Technology

Photo by Nathan Dumlao / UnsplashWhen you think of the first-ever vehicle ever made, what do you think? Cars made out of tree limbs with stone wheels, controlled by Fred Flintstone's feet? An interesting minimal surrey with dainty, larger than average tires, driven by a man wearing a top hat? What

The Ultimate Guide For Your Self-Driving Cars

While the self-driving car industry continues to grow, one unfortunate turn in the self-driving car journey is a number of accidents, some of them fatal, which still has a long way to go to show the technology that cars use to spot pedestrians and other obstacles and prevent collisions. With

When AI Meets AI

And we're talking about Artificial Intelligence and Auto Insurance, in case the title is absurd. Photo by Jake Blucker / UnsplashArtificial Intelligence seems everywhere and its power is supposed to dominate everything from cosmetics to politics, from global issue to personal stuff. Briefly, AI is a bandwagon effect that people are