On a vehicle as cutting edge as the hydrogen-fuelled, (kind of) self-driving Hyundai NEXO, it's kinda obvious to forget about the Blindspot View Monitor. It seems like the blindspot screens by now equipped to numerous vehicles, however, the truth is it's more developed. In fact, it might prove to be the real champion aspect of the Nexo. What's more, when it discovers its way on to vehicles that keep running on fuel available from more than seven gas stations in the UK, it could be an important life-saver.

By now, BVM is accessible on just the Nexo, which has it as standard, alongside remote parking, forward crash avoidance help and many more, consisting of a two-screen dash that is so huge and clear it will make Mercedes pay attention.

Customary blindspot observing uses sensors or cameras to identify vehicles to the side and rear of a vehicle. Regardless of whether you're being overtaken or you're changing path, it will caution you to have a decent look and if fundamental, make evasion move. That notice mainly appears as a flickering orange light in the door mirror.

The wide-angle cameras, positioned underneath the door mirrors, are likewise used for the NEXO's 360ยบ parking assistance tech. The Hyundai has typical mirrors, with the screen only playing the camera feed when the indicators are being used.

Anyway, when tested, the system is somewhat odd at first, with the instrument display changing the minute the indicator is flicked. The camera feed isn't actually stick sharp, however, it's lag-free.

The small supply of hydrogen filling opportunities implies few will ever encounter BVM in the Nexo. In any case, it works so well that it will most likely bode well to introduce in different Hyundais as they get fitted with the more screen-substantial interior that appeared in the Nexo.

Signal, camera, manoeuvre

Live feed pops up when you flick the indicator. Goals could be more keen at the same time, essentially, there's no delay.

Eyes all over the place

Wide-angle lenses under the door mirrors track down the stuff hiding in the C-pillar shadows.