This year's Frankfurt Autoshow Continental uncovered the most inventive tire up to date. Due to a few smart designing and electronic integration, Continental's new tire can screen tire condition and modify pressure all on the fly.

To gain eco-friendliness, Continental's new tire can monitor a few basic parameters such as tread depth, tire integrity, and tire pressure. Continental announces this innovation suite C.A.R.E. which represents Connected, Autonomous, Reliable, Electrified. This complex enables Continental's tire to report basic information just as monitor tire strain to keep it inside the right parameters.

To adjust tire pressure, Continental uses a centrifugal pump incorporated with the wheel. This pimp uses the spinning force of the wheel to build the tire air pressure and keep the tire in the appropriate inflation spec. Continental accepts this new connected tire innovation will make room for further effective vehicles leading to a considerable drop in CO2 emissions.

A connect tire like this will enable organizations to inevitably oversee autonomous fleets of vehicles where the driver can't detect the health of tires. This innovative tire not only keep autos more secure but also create far more effective fleets of vehicles.

In addition to practical applications for effective driving, Continental trusts there is a possibility to increase vehicle performance, too. Continental's PressureBoost innovation uses air to quickly adjust the tire pressure to distinct driving circumstances. This changes the tire from a wild factor to powerfully monitored part of the driving experience.

This inspiring tire innovation is the next step in tire advancement. With an increasingly connected and controllable tire, we're certain to see some next great applications in both effectiveness and operation.