As innovation turns out to be significantly more standard, a vehicle's interior has additionally turned out to be progressively refined. So this time, we glance back at the 1968 Pontiac GTO, to perceive how its interior holds up somewhere in the range of 50 years after.

From the minute we ventured inside, we were in awe. Its tan green leather is '60s, however, the seats were very convenience. The front seats don't slide forward, so it's difficult to get a decent driving position, and getting to the back seat is an extreme undertaking, as you can just tilt the seat forward.

When you're settled inside, you'll see the key looks precisely like a house key, aside from it has the GM logo. The side mirrors must be adjusted by hand, and when you're doing that, you'll most likely notice all the squishy leather that covers the whole door panel. The trims and the surface of the leather in the door panels make this interior look cleaned. The individuals who were driving this GTO during the '60s were getting a pleasant treat.

Turn on the engine, and you'll hear a major thunder as the engine turns on. When you put the transmission in drive and let go of the brakes, the vehicle will move gradually, and when you step on the pedal, the GTO displays its power. The steering wheel can feel somewhat odd nowadays, as it's wide and thin, and it needs a lot os turns to simply put in use soon.

When you get to know it, this is a valuable vehicle to drive or ride in. It's a real reminder of the years when American vehicles were expanding. The GTO was a genuine muscle care, although if we take a look at the interiors of the present Mustangs and Camaros, they miss the mark on the extravagance and refinement that autos from the 1960s had.

The fine wood on the dash and coordinating carpet tell to us lots of things that interior designers were recalling at that point. However, detail-oriented is the thing that truly shines the most. The GTO was perfect and modern for the '60s, and the individuals had one were presumably glad to drive it and to appreciate it.