Believe it or not, it's much busier than you might imagine inside the frunk of the Model 3. Are you ready for the Tesla Mobile Service Team to help solve the mystery?

credit: The Driven

"Frunk" is a fun part of the vernacular of Tesla. It's located on the front of the car, as a handy luggage storage room. In an internal combustion engine vehicle, a frunk would be harder to realize, as there is less free space and a lot of heat from the engine block.

According to Tesla tech, the users of Model 3 have already driven the vehicle over 5,000 miles (8,000+ km) in just 2 months of shipment. Apparently they're driving their Tesla, and enjoying themselves while doing it. Generally, it is far superior to any ICE car they may have owned in the past. The Dodge gathering dust in their garage is actually already on sale, providing space for another Tesla.

credit: MSPoweruser

Tesla owners in Arizona also recorded an outstanding experience using the mobile service provided by the company. Tesla could have another advantage over competing heritage car manufacturers once this project is carried out all over the globe. The engineer required to remove the frunk cover case to lubricate the steering column, and the holders took a few pictures to show what it feels like under the frunk. It's a rarely seen revealing look at the engineering of Tesla. Although there is no engine inside, a lot is still going on here.

The facilities for heating and air conditioning as well as the 12v battery are what we want to have a look on. According to TeslaTap - a valuable read for every Tesla proprietor, the objective of the 12v battery is to power the media control unit (MCU), all the lamps, and in the event of a complete disconnection or main battery leak, it is used primarily to power critical Model 3 parts.

credit: Reddit

That said, it is conceivable that after the latest advancement, with the revolutionary Tesla cable harness patent, the use of the 12v battery in Tesla cars could become outdated, or alter. To prevent the HV battery from being live all the time, it likely makes the controls and non-EV features easier to run, having a 12V system and using a DC-DC converter to step the voltage down and keep the battery charged.

While it's wonderful that some car manufacturers also have some free space in their electric cars, many do not appear to be capable of optimizing it correctly. Case by case, the frunk of the Audi e-tron is quite low. In any case, the creative and extensive frunk layout of Tesla is yet another differentiating factor providing the award-winning Model 3 with extra storage capability.

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