Saleen purchases a batch of 5.0-liter Mustang GTs from Ford and develops them at its office in Corona, Calif. At that point, the vehicles are sold through Saleen-certified Ford and extraordinary vehicle vendors around the nation.

It offers three adaptations of the Saleen S302: the normally-aspirated 475-horsepower White Label ($47,000), the supercharged 740-hp Yellow Label and the also-supercharged Black Label ($78,495)

Saleen introduces its 2.6-liter screw-type supercharger and intercooler system with a 103 mm throttle body. It makes 12 psi of boost. The motor additionally gets 47-lb fuel injectors for expanded flow, a returned air induction system, a returned ECU and a Saleen-tuned exhaust system with superior performance muffler. According to the company, the twofold overhead cam 5.0-liter is generally stock, and these progressions increment the V8's power by 340 hp and 267 lb-ft of torque.

The 302 Black Label simply doesn't hit that hard off inactive or for first third of its tachometer – there simply isn't much snort underneath 4,000 rpm, much like its Roush partner. Bungle a launch by dropping the Saleen's clutch without enough revs and the 5.0-liter falls over as you hang tight for it to construct rpm and lift. It's not as close as a Challenger Hellcat, nor does it have that vehicle's traction issues.

Adding to the issue, the traction control intercedes with a heavy hand. Turn it off and the Saleen turns its rear tires through the tach's top half and it'll keep them lit through all of second gear. The company says 0-60 mph takes 3.7 seconds.

Saleen additionally spruces up the interior a little including its very own upholstery, Alcantara to the steering wheel, a billet/leather shift knob, and white faces to the speedo and tach. An assistant gauge pod includes instruments for boost and intake charge temperature, in any case, we think Saleen need to likewise, add oil weight and oil temperature dials like you get in the Shelby. It just appears like significant information.

In any case, there's no denying this Black Label's visual effect. Saleen's have consistently looked cool and this one blew some people's minds and drew gazes from drivers and pedestrians all over Los Angeles. One Mustang driver even hauled out his telephone and recorded the vehicle in traffic, while a few spectators complimented its Orange Fury paintwork. It's a Ford manufacture color, even though Saleen additionally offers the Black Label in 13 of his select hues with cool names consisting of Burnout Black Pearl, Tire Smoke White Pearl, and Lizstick Red Metallic.