Too many Land Rovers to choose? The 3 iconic below is the must-have.

Discovery Series 1: £1k-£5k, 1989-1998

3946cc V8, 166bhp, 12.8sec 0-62mph, 101mph

Is this a smart decision? Certainly. This is the godfather of the cutting edge SUV and is now ready to enter the classic status. It's a viable, genre-defining vehicle that offers 95% of the capacity of a Defender at less than half the price, twice the comfort.

How much? From £1k-£5k. Purchase on condition and history, and keep away from those changed for off-road action and LPG conversions. A late five-door ES spec V8 will have leather, air-con and ABS – a splendid winter or station vehicle for around £3k. What's more, the 86 G-WAC pre-production launch autos are remarkable future works of art, with Range Rover counterparts now at around £75k.

What's going to break? Search for rust, and then a little more rust. Rear floors are infamous, as are rear wheel arches, front internal wings, and sunroofs. The powertrain is extremely vigorous, yet don't buy a vehicle without proof of standard maintenance.

Range Rover L322: £6k-£15k, 2002-2012

4394cc V8, 306bhp, 8.3sec 0-62mph, 125mph

Is this a smart decision? Mixes BMW tech and reliability with Land Rover ability. Unbeatable towing capacity. Easily unrivaled.

How much? From £6k to £15k. Go for a V8 petrol with a couple of owners and you'll have a long and cheerful relationship.

What's going to break? Shockingly little. Stay away from the dormant Td6 with its weak gearboxes. High-mileage TdV8s eat their turbos. Go for Jaguar as opposed to BMW power. Bodies are rust and resistant.

Defender 50th Anniversary: £15-£30k, 1998-1999

3947cc V8, 190bhp, 10.0sec 0-62mph, 100mph

Is this a smart decision? Costs are rising, however, they will settle so don't pay senseless cash. The 50th Anniversary has character, an auto 'box, rarity and a V8. It's a total classic.'

How much? Pay £15k for a better than average one, keep it clean and standard, and watch it creep up in worth. The best ones are currently £30k.

What's going to break? The chassis will weaken without attention. The auto 'box is a normal Land Rover unit, and the 4.0 V8 is strong and solid. Some trim parts are currently exclusive.