When car technology teams up with other models in a maker's lineup, it's commonly an occasion of the improved stuff making its way to become the lesser or cheaper cars of the version. However, Mercedes-AMG has discreetly uncovered that it's technologically extraordinary 2.0-liter M139 turbocharged in-line four-cylinder will advance into another bigger AMG versions. So is this an uncommon example of streaming up? We assume so.

In a meeting with Paultan.org at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Tobias Moers, AMG's manager, has told us that the mill found in the AMG A45 and CLA 45 won't be restricted to front-wheel drive copies. Fit for up to 421 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque, the M139 motor has been produced for back wheel drive's need, too. That doesn't mean a C45 is coming at any point in the near future, nonetheless, as Mercedes and its AMG division have constantly clarified that electrification is the best approach.

All things considered, the M139 motor will be used in a major plan, accommodate perfectly into a system that uses an electric engine, and probably supplanting the range of six-cylinder motors in the 43 and 53 models as well. Moers additionally included that future 63 vehicles will, in any case, have horsepower figures at around the 600 mark, even with the use of a hybrid system. Is there any chance that this is a step further to the end of big displacement gigantic turbos?

With the capacity to extract so much power from way much lighter footprint, the journey to progressively hybrid powertrains with amazing performance is probably the next advancement for the German maker. We simply need to sit back and watch what they have coming up for us in the near future.