Meet the 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser VX Limited Active Vacation as of now available to be purchased on Bring a Trailer.

In the first place, it's a Land Cruiser, which is quite often magnificent.

Second, it's from the 1990s, an astounding decade.

Third, it's brown, and you know how we vehicle types cherishes us some darker (as a matter of fact, better when matched with a diesel manual wagon).

Fourth, it's a diesel (see above), explicitly a 4.2-liter inline-six combined with a four-speed automatic transmission. Normally, it has a two-speed transfer case; front, center and rear locking features; and loads of Land Cruiser off-roading decencies.

Fifth, since it's from Japan, it has a bonkers name that we're almost certain we saw written on a T-shirt in Harajuku: the Limited Active Vacation! Furthermore, two irregular letters, VX, pretty much just saying.

Sixth, the whole Toyota vendor gadgets index appears to have barfed upon it. The super '90s brush monitor, the safari lighting, the side window rain guards, the sunroof wind diverter and the hood wind redirector (conceivably there to direct air over the bed frame bolted to the rooftop). There's even rewarded "wood" trim inside, cause you simply needed to have that.

Seventh, this Land Cruiser is likewise a camper intended to have an active vacation with, yet a limited one. The Active Vacation kit incorporates curtains for the windows, a sleeping platform made when the second line of seating is folded flat, wood storage bins, and a sink and stove that appear to slide out from underneath the raised sleeping platform. The outside doo-dads were not part of the kit, like the stepping stool and rooftop rack/bed frame.
Also, eighth, the VX Limited Active Vacation was truly a package from the processing plant. It wasn't only some supplier in Sapporo who went crazy. The BaT listing even notes that it accompanies a Japanese-language guidance manual for the Active Vacation package.

So there, that need to do it for this brown barrel of greatness that doesn't have a save on its auction.