The unbelievable Toyota Land Cruiser has reached an impressive of more than 10 million cars sold when first made it debuted 68 years ago. The Land Cruiser is Toyota's greatest selling model and a significant piece of the brand's identity.

At the point when the Land Cruiser appeared in 1951 as a mobility car for Japan's National Police Reserve, it was a basic machine focused on handling troublesome landscape. Toyota had the chance to refine its Land Cruiser idea during the Korean conflict and had a model prepared for trade when the confinements were lifted that year.

At the point when the Land Cruiser BJ was presented, Toyota used it to take on accomplishments just beforehand conceivable on horseback. The Land Cruiser recreated an amazing Samurais moved to the highest point of Mount Atago and followed in the customary journey course to the 6th station on the highest point of Mount Fuji. These great accomplishments help the Land Cruiser gradually eliminate the Mitsubishi manufactured America Jeep structures for Japan's military forces.

After the high accomplishment of the original Land Cruiser, another model appeared known as the 20 Series. This second-age vehicle was renovated to be suitable for regular citizen use and saw the first non-military clients. The amazing reliability of the Land Cruiser was fashioned during the sale of the 20 Series.

On account of a solid reception during American military preliminaries in 1957, Toyota was certain enough to send out the Land Cruiser to developing markets. As a rule, the Land Cruiser was the primary Toyota to enter these new nations and represented 38.2% of Japanese Vehicle sends out in 1957.

As time went on the Land Cruiser saw more than 14 model varieties over its 68-year of operation. Today the Land Cruiser is a huge convenience SUV that still offers staggering reliability and solid off-road capacities. Despite the present Land Cruiser is increasingly focused on comfort and luxury, it keeps on being a significant piece of what makes Toyota a monument of designing excellence and reliability.