There were not many alternatives for those searching for a small truck five or six years ago. However, today, numerous manufactures crowded the market, as automakers have understood that loads of purchasers are searching for something smaller and more affordable than a full-size truck. Luckily, the nowaday small pickup trucks are more qualified than ever. Below is the list of the best small trucks for 2020.

2020 Chevrolet Colorado - $22,395

This is the perfect well-rounded small truck. It performs superior to the rest in terms of ride refinement, keeping on composure on rough roads. It profits by agile handling and solid motors, especially the 308-hp V-6, which gives a lot of power whether the spacious bed is stacked. The functionality compensates for the lack of styling. We loved this truck so much that it won our ongoing small truck correlation trial.

2019 Honda Ridgeline - $31,085

In case you need a truck that doesn't exactly feel like a truck, this could be your pick. Fundamentally, a Pilot with a bed and a more extended wheelbase, the unibody Ridgeline doesn't experience the same jitters compared to other compact trucks. It flaunts a smooth ride and car-like handling, even though towing capacity is not the same as other small pickup trucks. The bed proves realistic for carrying gear, and we're in awe with the truck's cargo bay under the bed liner. So while it may not be the best decision for serious hauling, it has a nice balance between work and play. It came second in our small truck examination.

2020 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 - $42,495

The Colorado ZR2 is the most efficient off-road small pickup available. Much the same as the standard Colorado, the ZR2 is especially versatile. No matter on or off the street, the ride stays flexible. Our ZR2 analyzer with the Bison package proved crawling on rocks and high-speed desert runs, with Multimatic DSSV shock absorbers ensuring perfect body control. Considering all it offers, also with a reasonable price, this truck was the champion of our latest off-road small truck comparision test.