One thing for sure, this will be a high-riding model.

Photo by Marvin Meyer / Unsplash

It's a mystery to nobody that Bugatti is genuinely thinking about an extension of its models. The automaker situated in France is now looking for "fascinating" financing to build up a vehicle that is immeasurably not quite the same as the Chiron and every piece of its varieties. Just don't consider it's an SUV – manufacture's big boss Stephan Winkelmann lately indicated there will be no SUV from Bugatti in an interview to CAR Magazine.

Chances are, it won't be a hyper extravagance limo also. Why? The need for traditional limos is basically not enough. There is, however, most clients for these sorts of autos, particularly ladies, need to sit high so they can see out. Again, what sort of vehicle we are discussing?

Our source trusts Bugatti is playing with the concept of creating a four-door, high-riding vehicle that is not a typical SUV. Or then again, as CAR Magazine understands it, "a sporty crossover with a higher seating position than a saloon, with a body lower and less boxy than a traditional SUV.”

Bugatti Chiron
Photo by DXL / Unsplash

What we know without a doubt, in any case, is that the new Bugatti will be quite costly, for sure. Winkelmann conceded the firm is focusing on a starting price of about $1 million. And keeping in mind that this figure will in all likelihood to put the high-riding Bugatti at the highest point of its group, it won't be more costly or outrageous than the Chiron.

“The new car will be the greatest, most expensive car in its sector,” Winkelmann commented. “But it won't be the most expensive or extreme Bugatti. The Chiron will always be on top.” said Winkelmann

All need to turn out clear sooner or later in the following couple of years. Bugatti will attempt to introduce the model in 2023 with yearly manufacture constrained to around 800 models.