Wheego Electric Cars have been changed into Wheego Technologies providing autonomous vehicle technologies for the most part in China, the organization's boss said.

In an interview with WardsAuto, Wheego CEO Mike McQuary explained the company's change from a maker of little electric cars in the U.S. to a provider of electric vehicle and autonomous-driving innovation to different companies.

Wheego Electric Cars, founded in 2009 and was situated in Atlanta. They sold around 400 Wheego Whip and LiFe units through a system of associated vendors in the U.S. McQuary said that it's been almost a long time since any Wheego electric cars have been conveyed to vendors.

The company's emphasis is currently on developing items for autonomous vehicles that utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence, he said.

Wheego Technologies has two divisions of around twelve representatives each. Its division in Sonoma, Calif, still is working on electric vehicle drive-trains. Another division in Atlanta that began up a year and a half prior is working on autonomous driving.

Not long ago, Wheego was issued a license by the territory of California to test autonomous vehicles on its streets. The Sonoma division will run tests in California to demonstrate its innovation.

McQuary's innovation foundation originates from having recently filled in as leader of head operating official of internet-specialist organization Mindspring. He drove that tech organization through a merger with Earthlink, won a few client administration grants, and confronted rivalry with industry monsters, for example, AT&T and Microsoft.

Competing against mammoths is here again for McQuary, with Google and Apple vigorously involved in autonomous technologies alongside automakers and car providers. McQuary said that Wheego contrasts from a portion of the challenge through its accentuation on profound learning and artificial intelligence. The company is using the act of machine learning, which takes a gander at the best characteristics of human drivers and embraces them.

"Artificial intelligence and machine learning are going to have indistinguishable impact on individuals' lives from the Internet has had over the most recent 20 years," he said.

Wheego is centered around selling to Chinese customers who are racing to create and make plug-in electrified vehicles and to include autonomous driving in the bundle. A considerable lot of these Chinese companies come up short on the essential innovation, which Wheego can offer.

"We will offer to Chinese automakers," he says. "I think a large portion of the U.S. OEMs have the mindset that everything should be worked without anyone else. That has been the way of life and the mindset."